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How to use Minerva

Minerva Author has executable files for Mac and Windows.

For other operating systems (e.g. Linux), Minerva Author can be run direcly with Python.

Instructions and links to download Minerva Author here

If this is your first time using Minerva, head to the tutorial for an example step-by-step guide to create your Minerva Story using Minerva Author.

Follow the Tutorial here

Required Input

To create a Minerva Story, you will need

An OME-TIFF image

  • This image can either be on your local computer or a mounted drive

[Recommended] A CSV file with marker names in one column, if marker names are not in the OME-XML metadata.

  • The header of the column should be marker_name
  • Alternatively, you will need to know the marker names and order to add them manually.


Once you finish authoring and exporting your story, Minerva Author will output the following:

File Name Description
exhibit.json Contains all the configurations for your story. It follows this schema.
index.html Describes the web page that loads exhibit.json to display as your story.
A folder named out (or the optional output name you entered) Contains all the fully rendered image pyramids for each channel group and cell stage segmentation.

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