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Example Stories

Minerva Story can be customized to meet different goals of data sharing. On this page, we share some examples of Minerva Stories showcasing tissue image data in various ways.

Minerva Story as micro-publications and publication accompaniments

Compared to static, limited resolution figures in traditional biomedical publications, Minerva Stories show image data in its complete form and can convey information that is otherwise difficult to distill. The following two examples are created to accompany publications.

Multimodal spatial profiling of colorectal cancer using Orion
Temporal and spatial topography of cell proliferation in cancer

Highlighting different aspects of the same dataset

One dataset can tell many stories. The two stories below use the same primary lung cancer dataset. One focuses on histology features and the other on quantitative single cell analyses.

Primary Lung Cancer (Histology)
Primary Lung Cancer (Data Analysis)

Minerva in medical and pathology curricula

Traditional textbooks provide static images with limited size and resolution. Minerva Stories are an interactive platform for students to explore tissue images with instructor-curated descriptions. Below is an example of how Minerva can be used to faciliate medical education.

Heart Histology

See more Minerva Stories on the Harvard Tissue Atlas website!

Harvard Tissue Atlas