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How to cite Minerva?

If you find Minerva useful to your work, please cite the following publication in Nature Biomedical Engineering:

Rashid R, Chen, YA, Hoffer J, Muhlich JL, Lin JR, Krueger R, Pfister H, Mitchell R, Santagata S, Sorger PK. (2021). Narrative online guides for the interpretation of digital-pathology images and tissue-atlas data. Nature Biomedical Engineering, pp.1-12.

You may also wish to reference our publication in Journal of Open Source Software:

Hoffer J, Rashid R, Muhlich JL, Chen, YA, Russell D, Ruokonen J, Krueger R, Pfister H, Santagata S, Sorger PK. (2020). Minerva: a light-weight, narrative image browser for multiplexed tissue images. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(54), 2579,

Minerva Logos

Recent versions of Minerva Author automatically add the Minerva Logo in all Minerva Stories.

When including Minerva logos in other places, we recommend adding a hyperlink to to provide more information.

PNG version with white text on black background.


PNG alternatives with black text on white background.

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SVG version with white text on transparent background.